Ep. 7 – Off To School

Ah, the elusive episode 7… how we’ve missed you…

This week, Ryan returned to the world of college, but took time out of his oh-so-busy schedule to record yet another Widget classic! Topics include Zane’s triumphant comeback and his shiny new processor, how communism is stopping binge gaming, the Soundblaster X-Fi, transparent laptop screens, and much more. We’ve dropped it like its hot, now feed my children, feed!

Ep. 7 links:
China imposes limit on gaming time
The rumored Pioneer Blu-Ray burner
Guru3D review of the Soundblaster X-Fi
X-Arcade = $119.00
Transparent Screen Gallery
Pirates of Silicon Valley DVD impressions
Virtual Pinball going to Ultracade
Tekken – Dark Resurrection announced
Google search for Suge Knight
Bill Hicks Official Website

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The outro music for this episode is Sonic & Knuckles ‘Catapult’ by Beatdrop.
Click here for song info.

Sorry about the lateness gang! Now that we have the long-distance recording solved, we’re all set!

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