Ep. 6 – No Zane? No Problem!

Due to being trapped in the jungle during a POW extraction mission gone awry, Zane couldn’t make it for episode 6. But not to worry! We got on the horn and called in the re-enforcements (and it is a short, and very exclusive list, let me tell ya). This week our special guest host is Mike, indie filmmaker extraordinaire! Topics this week include the announcement of the XBox 360 models and pricing and Sony’s countering with a “leaked” price on Amazon. And speaking of Amazon, the new Amazon Sex Store opened! Yay! Now we can all get our ‘sexual aids’ delivered right to our door, with FREE Super-Saver Shipping on orders over $20! Also, Tim lets loose some choice words for the guy begging for help buying a G5, we feature Rage of The Dragons on ‘Tim’s Retro Corner’, and your viewer mail. All in this exciting* episode of The Widget!

(Excitement levels may vary depending on your age, alcohol tolerance, and love for the Atari VCS. Please consult your physician before using The Widget)

Ep. 6 Links
Pixar’s John Ranft Dies
“Big Fish” Giant McGrory Dies
Nero Homepage (Recode is a part of Nero 6)
The New Amazon.com Sex & Sensuality Section
Help Me Get A G5 (don’t really help him though)
Rage Of The Dragons Review (far superior to Tim’s on-the-spot one)
Beats of Rage Homepage
Valve’s Steam
Best place to find Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative
Men In Coats video

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The outro music for this episode is ‘Simon’s Town’ by Digimatic.
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