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Ep. 96 – It’s All About The Circles

I for one welcome our new web search powered overlords. Plus One!

I love how Paul always manages to go on one of his drinking benders the day before we record a show. I mean it: it’s gold! It makes me happy to know that Dave and I have somehow contributed to his hangover being even worse. Topics:

  • Google+ is the new cool kid place
  • Tim wants everyone to stop using social media and get back to forums
  • AMD debuts their impressive new A-Series chips
  • An AMD Bulldozer engineer sample gets OC’d to 5.1ghz on air
  • Bioshock Infinite trailer is over 9000 sexy
  • Battlefield 3 no-go to Steam
  • King of Fighters XIII gets an unofficial PC release in the form of a hacked arcade dump
  • Viewer Mail and much more
Oh, and for those wondering: No, I did not say “we’ll touch you later” at the end of the show (no matter how much it sounds like I did).