Ep. 129 – Chromecasting Fez 2

One of those crazy weeks where new stuff comes out, and the Internet seems to go insane. On one hand, you have Google dropping their low-cost plan to take over your living room, and Microsoft pulling another 180 on their publishing policies. On the other, you’ve got a ‘gamez opinionist’ attacking a developer to the point where he rage quits the industry, and yet another Kickstarter project failing to materialize. Fun times.Topic of the Week:

Tim’s Japanese doll building empire FTW!

Tech/Hardware News:


  • New Nexus 7 with faster processor, more RAM and retina-class display starting at $229.

  • Chromecast allows streaming to your TV from computers and mobile devices for $35.

  • Android 4.3


  • Developer web site hacked and taken offline for 8 days.

  • iPhone 5C packaging revealed?

  • Smartphone share reaches three year low.


  • Surface RT prices cut by $150 and MS takes $900 million hit on Q2 earnings.


  • Teases 4.5w SDP haswell chips for tablets and ultrabooks.


  • NFC jewelry kickstarter smashes through initial goal.

  • Board game cancelled one year after raising $100,000.

Asus (PQ321Q) and Dell (Ultrasharp 32) launch 32” 4K monitors.

Samsung enters the 1TB SSD market with the 840 Evo.

Paypal credits a US man with 92 Quadrillion dollars.

Mojowijo launches the wiimote vibrating ‘body massager’.

Gaming News:

Indie Drama

  • Phil Fish cancels Fez II development abruptly.

  • Microsoft allowing indie self publishing.

  • Nintendo bans Japan indie development.

Mad Catz to release Ouya competitor called the Mojo.

Michael Biehn reveals all about Aliens Colonial Marines development.

Activision not forgetting the Wii-U just yet.

 Capcom announces Strider HD.

EA finally pays original Madden developer.

EA planning to up next gen gaming prices to £54.99 in the UK.

Battlefield 4 Battlelog details revealed.

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