Ep. 124 – Always Online

Sony has tipped their hand on their hardware specs, Wii U sales are in the toilet, and now the Ouya has failed to part the clouds and let the sun shine down and save gaming? What’s Microsoft going to do? Moar Kinect! *sigh*

Tech/Hardware News:

  • Apple hires Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch (and Flash proponent) as new VP of Technology
  • Samsung releases the Galaxy S4 and HTC release the HTC One.
  • Unreal Engine 3 ported to work inside a Firefox browser.
  • DOS converted to Raspberry Pi
  • AMD announces the 7990 dual GPU radeon.
  • Asus shows off Geforce GTX 670 DirectCU Mini, perfect for your Mini-ITX gaming PC.
  • PC Perspective shows of new benchmark ‘FrameRating’ and how AMD comes out badly in CrossFire performance.

Gaming News:

  • First Ouya review – http://www.polygon.com/2013/3/28/4157602/ouya-feature – Things aren’t looking so good considering the grand claims made by their CEO. At least it runs XBMC.
  • NextBox will supposedly require AlwaysOn connection and game installs.
  • Nintendo Wii-U price slashed in the UK as retailers worry about the product.
  • Mark Rein laughs at the idea of Unreal 4 engine running on Wii U. “We’re on next gen consoles, not current”
  • Valve announces Steam Early Access program.
  • Battlefield 4 announced with 17 minute trailer.
  • Capcom announces DuckTales Remastered. Based on the NES classic, developed by WayForward (Boy and his Blob, Double Dragon Neon), and will feature the entire original cast from the TV show.
  • Capcom and Valve announce Resident Evil/Left 4 Dead collaboration.

3 thoughts on “Ep. 124 – Always Online”

  1. Commander Tim.. It’s been a long time.. I hope you are well.. I hope you remember who I am.. You’ll never guess WHERE I am working now.. 🙂

    1. I am well. How are you? And since you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile to reflect it, yes: I would not be able to guess. 😉

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