Ep. 108 – The Angered Silence

Seriously, we are so miserable to each other sometimes. And yet, I can't turn away...

Tech/Hardware News:

  • Apple previews OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion to media, will ship this summer
  • More iOS features will make their way to Mac
  • Google uses hack to bypass iOS privacy settings and track browser history.
  • Intel IvyBridge to be delayed until summer. 3.4Ghz Ivybridge said to be up to 17% faster than 3.4Ghz Sandybridge.
  • AMD release 7750 and 7770 GPU’s.
  • AMD graphics CTO leaves. So AMD not focusing on high end CPU or discreet GPU markets anymore. The Trinity lineup looks impressive in the performance per watt chart.
  • More nVidia Kepler leaks. Recent results show revenues up and profits down.
  • Tim Sweeney talks at DICE about the future of games and technology.
  • EPIC plan on Unreal Engine 4 to shock.
  • H.265 on the way.
  • Creative Labs Soundblaster Recon3D with Sound Core technology. They’re kind of stretching it at this point, aren’t they?
  • The PC market is declining, in the UK at least.
  • Symantec held to ransom by hackers.

Gaming News:

7 thoughts on “Ep. 108 – The Angered Silence”

  1. Crap. From “I’ll wait to for the price to drop” to “It must be mine!!” in 4 days… I guess I’m just a big consumer whore 🙁

    Go Vita!

  2. Figures, I find the widgets show on again start listening and they quit again…

    Still keeping my fingers crossed that you guys are still at it.

  3. We’re very much still at it. In fact: we’re recording an episode next weekend. Things are just kind of busy in real life for all of us right now. 🙂

  4. Just wanted to say I love the podcast. The stuff you guys come out with is pure gold!

    Can’t wait for the next episode.

  5. If a Widget Show’s recorded in a forest, and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a noise?

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