Ep. 102 – Light Leakage 3D Pr0n

What is Dave holding in his left hand?
Be thankful I cropped it: nobody needed to see what Dave is holding in his left hand.

Paul has found time in his oh-so-busy schedule to make an appearance on the show, and for that, we are grateful. Lots of fun this week. Here’s the list:

  • iOS 5 is out, and we give our thoughts
  • AMD’s Bulldozer chips are out and fail to impress
  • Samsung announces the Galaxy Prime
  • Hard drive storage is about to increase thanks to salt
  • Netflix loses 800,000 subscribers: UK and Ireland launching soon
  • Panasonic gets out of the plasma television business
  • Nvidia 3D Vision 2 promises a brighter future
  • Nintendo is hemorrhaging cash
  • and so much more
Plus, a dash of Viewer Mail from our good buddy Bad Grammar Terry. We think he loves us. Also: if you’re interested in owning that swanky ‘Punch it, Chewie’ t-shirt, head over to http://www.cafepress.com/thewidgetshow to snag yours!


One thought on “Ep. 102 – Light Leakage 3D Pr0n”

  1. Fun being mentioned in the podcast.

    I’m not that interested in Bulldozer. You alluded to this, but each Bulldozer module contains 2 integer cores, 1 FPU core, and 1 shared fetch/decode/execute units. So an “8-core” bulldozer only contains 4 FPUs. This is a buzzkill if you are doing something heavy in floating point. Doesn’t bode well for weather modeling.

    Bulldozer is fine for high-end games. The bottle-neck for these games is the GPU. Those benchmarks that AMD released for Dirt 3 showed that. I s’pose if a game is heavy with AI and physics, then you might see a hit.

    Idea from another podcast… Nintendo’s next hand-held should be a customized Android-based device with the usual thumb sticks and buttons. So now we have a device with touch, motion sensing and thumb control. The hand-held will be coupled with a Nintendo specific Android store for games/apps targeting this device. These apps would help it compete against the Boxee/Roku/Google TVs of the world. HDMI for hooking up to bigger displays.

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