Ep. 99 – Dogs and Cats Living Together

Dave didn't appreciate the birthday cake we got him as much as we had hoped

Happy birthday, Dave! Great to see you survive another 365, what with that crazy rockstar lifestyle you lead. Also, lots of tech stuff happened. Crazy stuff. Harbingers of the apocalypse kind of stuff:

  • Google buys Motorola’s mobile business
  • HP kills all of their WebOS hardware and is selling their PC business
  • Cyanogen is working for Samsung
  • New cheaper (and prettier imo – Tim) PSP hits Europe.
  • New cheaper (and neutered imo – Tim) Wii also heading to Europe
  • Steam begins to test game trading program

All this and some pretty verbose Viewer MailĀ®. Sit down and strap in kids. This is a long one.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 99 – Dogs and Cats Living Together”

  1. Are you guys receiving any financial feed for the products you endorse? Is Dave taking money on the side from Apple in return for his fanboy-ism? Is Tim taking payola from ‘big Android’? There is obvious suspicion of kick-back to Paul for all his drooling over Dirt and BF3.

    Answer carefully, friends. Your integrity as a fringe podcast is at stake.

  2. Oh yeh… any illegals employed at widget headquarters? I gots my eye on you. Hate to have an Iphone 5 traced to any of your houses. I can make that happen.

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