Ep. 91 – There Will Be No Wedding Podcast

Get married. For science. You monster.

Pretty easy one here. We talk about:

  • iOS and Android tracks your movements
  • PSN got hacked
  • Amazon EC2 went down
  • Nintendo announced their new console

Also, we all love Portal 2 (well, except Paul), Tim bought a Boxee Box, and lots of excellent Viewer Mail. Talk to you in a few weeks!

4 thoughts on “Ep. 91 – There Will Be No Wedding Podcast”

  1. Another good show.

    Just a note, I’m a libertarian but I guess my last comment was a little slanted. I technically am an American citizen as a company I use to work for sponsored me to work there and they said it would be far easier in the long term if I just got my citizenship, also my wife is American so are both our kids, so I hope you don’t think I have any negative feelings towards the US.

    Anyway… lol, you guys have been around a while I’m surprised you have not become desensitized to shock sites

    http://www.kidsinsandbox.info/ (Another shock site a friend posted the other night on irc)

  2. MUHAHAHAHAHA Just kidding, Tim. Also, Portal 2 is amazing, Paul is an oaf, and Dave needs to lay off the 5-hour energy. His amount of participation and enthusiasm in this episode was a little frightening.

    On another note, I highly doubt the new Nintendo console will carry the Wii branding since people have such a perception of the Wii as a casual gaming system and I think they will be looking to get away from that image with a console packing such a huge jump in performance. I really think (and there might be some hope in there too) that they will be attempting to directly compete with the current console generation and ever-so-slightly beyond.

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