Ep. 70 – You com. Burping better slots.

None were as shocked as all of us (ps. Dave isn't an idiot, just a little slow sometimes)

Let’s do this: the XBox 360 gets a board shrink, with rumors of a smaller console and USB mass storage support for game saves running rampant. Next: i7 and i5 chips are getting cheap, the Playstation Move looks dumb, Dave admits his undying love for Pokemon games, Tim spent an ass-ton of money on some stools, Viewer Mail, Voice Mail, and name calling. Finally: This is our last show for a month, as we’re taking some needed time off (and we’re lazy). Talk to you in 60.

4 thoughts on “Ep. 70 – You com. Burping better slots.”

  1. After about a year listening to you, it’s about time I thanked you guys for being part of the the list of podcasts which keep me sane (well, sort of) during the night in a monumentally tedious job.

    Enjoy your break.

  2. Hehe I laughed so hard about the xbox usb slots I soiled myself

    Hurry up and get back soon you lazy cunts, I need to be entertained 😉

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