Ep. 69 – Open the Valve on your Mac

We're thankfully still a very long way off from seeing this crap. Sorry Dave.

See what I did there with the title? I thought it was pretty witty. Other choices included “Let off some Steam on your Mac”, “The Half-Life of your Mac” and “F#%k you Apple bitches”.  So if it wasn’t already apparent, we talk about the (at the time of recording, unofficial) announcement of Steam coming to the Mac. Dave hasn’t been this happy since that time in Thailand, where he got that hooker to… bah, you don’t want to hear about that. The usual stuff is in there too; profanity, name calling, Viewer Mail… enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Ep. 69 – Open the Valve on your Mac”

  1. That PS3 fat (phat?) rant tacked on to the end of the show was pretty hilarious. Where did that come from? I suppose I could dig around on youtube to find it, but I am lazy. Having had two PS3s die on me I’ve given up on the things and gone back to the ole PC

  2. Have to say, I’m with Tim on using Google Chrome as my default browser now. That with feedly.com and lastpass.com extensions and I’ll all set. Google already own my soul though, so i have little to loose 😀

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