Ep. 68 – Hot Like Britney

Britney has been Bioshocked
I'm pretty sure there's no way I'd let her near my Adam...

We worked really hard to try and get this show in under the 2+ hours we’ve been handing in lately. This time, we discuss (because Dave can’t help himself) the news that Hulu may be looking to make their service iPad compatible. Does this mean Flash is going to DIE… Die… die? Probably not, but Dave still has to bring it up. Also, we discuss DisplayPort vs. HDMI and how it’s creating a mess in the marketplace, and we get to hear about Paul’s PC gaming woes. Seriously, Ubisoft can go f#%k themselves with this new DRM nonsense…

4 thoughts on “Ep. 68 – Hot Like Britney”

  1. I’ve been hearing rustlings about this UbiDRM.. I can imagine what Paul has to say will be highly entertaining! Might have to steal some of works internet to get my Galaxy to download it for the trip home 😀

  2. google wave is kinda cool for remote time shifted brain storming. A couple of friends and I maintain a list of movies we want to see and it is pretty good for that. It seems like a narrow use but it doesn’t seem to be good for much else.

    I found the name of what I was talking about in the last comments.
    Physical Address Extension, it means 32bit windows can use up to 128gb but still a single app is limited to 32^2

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