Ep. 18 – Back To Basics

Hello again Widgetheads! This week, Tim and Zane team-up to bring you the latest in tech, games, and geek. To kick things off, we go into a lengthy (yes lengthy) discussion about the Sony Rootkit debacle and how it is going to effect the rest of the industry, and why more of the general population should care. Also, Zane chimes in on the new games Gun and The Movies with reviews on both in a truly barebones way. We discuss the upcoming Apple switch to Intel, and why Tim truly believes Apple is going to remain a hardware company. Also, we talk about the delay of Half-Life 2: Aftermath and give our overview of the current status of Valve, all this and more, PLUS The Widget listener mail. Enjoy. And remember, to go to http://www.thewidgetshow.com/forum for the show notes.

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This weeks outro music is Mega Man 2 ‘The Fifth Season’ by GaMeBoX.
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