Witness the firepower of this fully armed, and operational, Widget!

w00t! We are now on the new server! Links are scattered at the moment, but over the course of the next few days, everything will be cleaned up and placed under the roof of the good ship Widget. A few new things to report:

1. I’ve turned anonymous comments back on, you just have to use the word verification box. But hey, no big deal, right? It beats requiring a Blogger account just to write a one sentence post.

2. We have a new email address! No more Roadrunner email! Send your complaints/comments/credit card numbers to feedback¬†at¬†thewidgetshow dot com. The old email address forwards directly to the new one, but it still wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a note of the new one.

3. And finally, there’s a whole bevy of changes coming. Most notable is going to be the switch to WordPress for the blog. Blogger is good and all, but we’re all about control over here at The Widget.

Now get out there and spread the word! We’re breaking new records (well, for us anyways) with our subscriber base, but we want more. The Widget hungers for the souls of geeks.

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