We’re on the charts, beyotch!

Wow, this is a bit of a shocker. After being content with the fact that we were doing this podcast only to amuse ourselves and the very small number of people that can stomach our content, we end up on the iTunes music store charts! And not just some measly number like 99 (although that would have been a shocker also), nope, we’re right up there at number 46! w007! Wow, thanks to everyone that subscribes and actually enjoys our shows. Let’s keep this momentum going, and maybe, just maybe, we will make it to number 45. One can dream…

By the way, make sure you tune in for this weeks show, where our special guest is going to be David Lawrence from Online Tonight. We’re going to be talking about computers, videogames, and various other nerdy goodness. Meanwhile, hit this link to check out David’s website. Online Tonight

PS. One of our fans has thoughtfully created a digg for us. Help us reach new members by showing your support! Thanks.

As of tuesday, August 9th, we’ve slipped down to the 60 spot on the iTunes charts. Hey, its still higher than we ever expected, so its okay by us (but feel free to force all your friends to subscribe to us via iTunes, even if you have to threaten them with physical violence). In fact, take a picture of them clicking the link below so you can prove your loyalty to your masters at The Widget. 🙂

The Widget on iTunes

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