Ep.4 – Bachelor Party a go-go!

For the fourth episode, we deliver the hottest geek talk on the net from Zane’s living room. Topics of discussion include Stop Light Mischeif, Apple’s To-Little-To-Late mouse, Zane informs us of the aliens living in his Alienware, the new Planet Snowball, and our new t-shirt slogan (thanks Zane’s dad!).

This episode was recorded on wednesday, August 3rd, because this weekend we are celebrating the marriage of Zane and Jodi. If we somehow manage to survive the drunken haze we are sure to end up in, next weeks recording will return to its normal friday schedule.

Ep. 4 Links
Soda Machine Hacking
Crosswalk Hacking
Tom’s Hardware (Ryan’s favorite tech site 😉
The Heatsink Test Video
The Mega Man Effect
ASCII Matrix
Wikipedia entry for FCKGW

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Also this week, we’ve whipped up a bit of bonus content for you. Its wacky cool The Widget Wallpapers! Now you can listen to us, and have our logo plastered up on your computer, your friends computer, and all of the computers at CompUSA (don’t really do this one please).


One more thing, I’ve suddenly realized we haven’t been giving credit to the artists that made the awesome remixes at the end of our podcasts thus far. Well that changes starting now! This episodes outro music is “Air Man” from the Project X Megaman 2 remix soundtrack. Check out their awesome blend of techno and metal spread over a fluffy pastry of Megaman goodness. Project X homepage.

Episode 3’s outro music is “Super Mario Bros. 2” by Insomnic.
Click here for song info.

Episode 2’s outro music is “Kung-Fu Soundtest” by badlsdtrip.
Click here for song info.

Episode 1’s outro music was taken from the “Transformers Breakdance” video. Music by Lazer.
Click here for the original video!

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