Ep. 135 – It’s All About The UltraHD

**Hangouts had a hiccup, so the video for this episode is split into two parts**

CES 2014 came and went, and as everyone expected, 4K (UltraHD) has replaced 3D as the ‘must-have’ tech that nobody wants. TONS of amazing gadgets were shown, and tons of useless ones too.

Tech/Hardware News:

CES 2014

  • Google Glass app for iOS

  • Bendable TVs from Samsung & LG.

  • Wearables everywhere

  • But where is Microsoft? (They left in 2012 -Paul)

  • Razor chucks out another prototype with Project Christine.

  • The BattleBox: I seriously thought of this years ago.

Let he H.265 vs VP9 wars begin.

Google buys Nest Labs for $3.2 billion

NSA can snoop any iPhone and Obama wants it to stop.

Oculus prototype adds head tracking and OLED screen.

Cooler Master HAF Stacker.

Is Dave’s laptop a ticking timebomb?

Gaming News:




  • Sales and forecasts take a nosedive.

  • Hackers show the gamepad working with a PC.


  • Steam Machines shown in public.

  • New controller design revealed.

  • Order of War becomes first game erased from Steam ecosystem existence.

  • More GFWL games converting to Steamworks.

Titanfall will be 6 v 6 online.

Alien Isolation, could it be good?

It can’t be done, no offline mode for Sim City. Ok go on then, here it is.

Weird Random News:

How did we not try this last Christmas?

Robot handjobs for everyone.

The little miracles of 3D printing

US Medicare wasted $172 million on penis pumps. DAVE??????